The End.

The End.

This past summer we sold Kali (the Beast) to someone who will take care of her and hopefully get her moving again. We miss you!


The End is the Beginning…

Dear readers, today is a very special day for us. It was exactly a year ago today when we left to embark on this crazy grease journey. So happy anniversary to us! Our beloved Kali (the Grease Beast) took us on quite a journey across the states meeting many interesting people and visiting many familiar faces and beautiful places on the way. We want to take this time to send our love and gratitude to all of the people and places that helped us along the way. Continue reading


As soon as word came thru that Hickory (the home owner) would be returning to Lettuce Bee, we made our arrangements for an earlier than expected move. As the housemates began to move their things out, we diligently cleaned, scrubbed, stocked up the wood stack, and put good vibes into the farmhouse so he could have a most welcoming return. Continue reading


Eight people, picked to live in a house, off the grid in the Northeast Kingdom of VT. They did not have their lives taped and put on MTV, but they could have, just maybe they should have…

What a time we have had during our first few months living in Vermont. We have seen the rise and fall, the coming and going, the arising and passing of many things. As is the way of life, the changes came and came, but these particular changes felt pretty unique and… interesting. After the late summer’s work exchange experience at “Lettuce Bee” farm, we watched the family prepare to leave in the fall for quite the adventure on their newly refurbished grease powered school bus. We began paying rent for the cabin as we watched the house become filled to the attic with 6 new housemates, most meeting one another for the very first time. And so begins the next chapter of our life in Walden, VT. Continue reading

Brave Visitors!

What a delight to have our good friends Dr. Steve Miller and Kristin come to visit us in the snowy woods for the weekend of February 14th. It felt like a mini vacation to have them hanging at the farm. We played games, went for snowy hikes, made a fire outside, rhymed, ate, and celebrated the Chinese New Year with craft making supplies that Kristin had brought up (leave it to a grade school teacher to add some construction paper fun to the day). Continue reading

Lunch, Filmmaking, Re-Bop Records, and the Supreme Court

Our friend Ivanafka Pava has made his way up to VT to work on several projects, one being a documentary film about a local Vermonter Diana Winn. The more we learn about her story, the more we want to hear. Diana is a musician/songwriter who started the Re-Bop record label, where she brings together talented songwriters, musicians and child and adult vocalists to create songs for the “award winning” recordings. Another claim to fame is that she has been a part of a Supreme Court case, “Wyeth v. Levine,” that could have a major impact on the lives of millions of Americans. Continue reading

Ten Dayz in the “City”

House sitting has been a service we have been providing often lately. From our care taking in Philadelphia to some serious pet sitting in rural Vermont, we fortunately had the opportunity to cat/house sit in Montpelier- the capital city. Not only was it fortunate for us to be staying in town at the home of some very cool older folks, we also coincidentally lost use of our vehicle just days before the gig. This city (town) is easily traveled without wheels, so we could live and function efficiently by walking everywhere we needed to go. Our dear friend, Iza, kindly drove us to our temporary dwelling, and when we arrived we saw we were just blocks from Hunger Mountain Co-op, so it was a bit like our lives back in Philly when we were just minutes from the Market. Continue reading